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Meeting of the 1976 and 1977 promotions

Alumni of the years 76 and 77 gathered for their 40th birthday of graduation in this unique place and boat called Clipper on the Seine river, belonging to one of their classmate Didier Spade, the same place where they celebrated their 30th birthday!

Once on board, Didier made us a big surprise: "Let’s move and sail on the Seine river", he said while the sun was gently setting down behind the Eiffel Tower!

The challenge had been hard to gather thirty of us on this long weekend of the 1st of may and moreover between two rounds of the french presidential election!

We were far from being so many as for the 30th birthday when we reached 111 of us, but the quality was there and some of us came from Norway, Belgium, Anglet, Marseille, Lyon and even Normandie on the way from New-Zeland!

"Next time will be on the Nouveau France" said Didier late at night, he who is working on several innovative projects in cruise ships and pleasure boats such as YESS, a luxury yacht 100% propelled by electric power to be used on the Seine river, or the Nouveau France, the famous french cruise ship entirely reviewed around pleasure and environment friendly innovative concepts.

You can of course support Didier in his entreprise by getting in touch with him through his email address:

More information on his sites : and

Hoping to see all the friends of the Lycée International soon and looking forward to reading more of your year news for similar events.

Olivier Beyer
Year 77 (US section)
Former President of Lycée International Alumni



Didier Spade Clipper

Clipper Paris

Projet Yess

Maquette Nouveau France

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