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This is a message from the president of Lycée International ALUMNI.


You have seen in recent years a constant effort of the association to improve its services, articulated around a website and modern communication tools.

I would remind you that any alumni, former professor or member of the administrative staff, is a full member of Lycée International ALUMNI and this free of charge.

Funding for these services, based until now on donations, is unfortunately no longer sufficient. The team of the association therefore voted to introduce subscription. With an annual amount of 25 euros, it is modular according to your incomes and will be demanded to any member over 26 of age.

I remain as president the guarantor of the proper use of funds raised

Only paying members will now be able to access all the features of the site and in particular searches in the directory of alumni.

I would like to warmly thank our donors who have allowed us to hold until now and will of course count on you for the future.

Thank you for your understanding and support.


Olivier Clausin



You can subscribe:


-paying online by clicking here.

You will have to log in in our website and next you will be redirected to our online payment module. As it is based on the PayPal solution you will either be able to pay using your PayPal account if you do possess one (by debiting your PayPal balance or using your credit card registered) or directly using your credit card without any obligation to create a PayPal account.


-making a bank tranfer following instructions bellow.



2 rue de la République

78105 Saint-Germain-en-Laye


IBAN : FR76 3000 3018 6000 0372 6811 377

Reference of the transfer: first name, family name, year of graduating and cotisation 2017


-writing a check following the instructions bellow.

Send your check payable to AALISG to the address below:

Association des Anciens du Lycée International de Saint-Germain-en-Laye

B.P. 70107

78101 Saint-Germain-en-Laye Cedex

N.B. Write at the back of your check your first name, family name, year of graduating and cotisation 2017.

Stay Informed

When you subscribe to the blog, we will send you an e-mail when there are new updates on the site so you wouldn't miss them.

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