The website is a tool developed by the Association des Anciens du Lycée International (A.A.L.I.S.G.) to facilitate continued relationships between the alumni, the faculty and the friends of the Lycée International de Saint-Germain-en-Laye. It provides a forum for exchange between all members. Thanks to its database of former students and international section members, it provides support to current students of the Lycée International by allowing them to network with former students who have a background similar to the one they wish to achieve.

The tool which has been developed also offers geo-localization of its members in different countries. The objective was to facilitate the expansion of the alumni network and ultimately, to create, regional groups of alumni of the Lycée International across the world.

Access to and use of the site is reserved strictly to personal and non-commercial use. Any person accessing this site or any other related services accepts and agrees, without limitation or qualification, to abide by these General Terms of Use.

Article 1. Definitions

"Lycée International Alumni Site" or "Site" refers to the AALISG website and its contents which is accessible at the following address:;

"User" refers to any person accessing the Site and / or using any editorial offerings or services associated with this site;

“Member" refers to any user whose registration is confirmed by the AALISG Publisher;

"Partner (s)" refers to any editorial and / or visibility partner for the Site;

"Content (s)" refers to any and all the data and, more generally, all the information published on the Site;

"Contribution (s)" refers to all the Content such Articles (s) Video (s), Photograph (s), Multimedia (s), Statistics (s) created by a Member or a Partner of the Site;

"Services" refers to any and all of the functionality provided and available online from the Site;

"Editorial Offers" refers to any and all social networking extensions of the Site, including, but not limited to, Twitter, Facebook, and Flickr.

Article 2. Intent

These General Terms of Use are intended to define the conditions under which access and use of the Site by the User as well as content, editorial offers and services are provided by A.A.L.I.S.G. through the Site.

Article 3. Modification of the General Terms of Use

The Publisher reserves the right to make any changes, substantial or not, at any time and without notice, to these General Terms of Use, in order to take into account any legal developments, regulatory, editorial and / or technical considerations. The changes take effect on the date of their publication on the Site.

Article 4. Content

The Publisher offers to the User of the site Content that has been reviewed, however the content is provided for information purposes only and the Publisher does not, in any way, guarantee to the User the accuracy, completeness and / or timeliness of the Content. Therefore, the Publisher assumes no responsibility for any inaccuracies, errors and / or omissions in the contents themselves and can in no way be held responsible for the use or interpretation of the Content.

Article 5. Access and use

Any user may have free and open access to the Site. Editorial services and associated offers are open only to Members. Any equipment cost, connection or electronic communication charges incurred in order to access and use the Site are the sole responsibility of the user.

Any Member has the option to subscribe to a " Newsletter ". Information provided is subject to treatment under the conditions referred to in Article 8.

Article 6. Participation

6.1 - Registration.

Registration is open to former students, teachers and administrative staff, friends and supporters of the Lycée International as well as of the Lycée International foreign Sections. Future alumni can register in the equivalent of 12th grade (known as Terminale in France) and subject to the consent of a parent or legal guardian if they are minors. All registrations are subject to compliance and acceptance of the General Terms of Use currently in force. Failure to comply with these General Terms of Use authorizes the Site to temporarily or permanently suspend the registration of a user without delay, nor prior notice, and without the prejudice of any action undertaken against the Site for damages. When registering, the user must provide the information requested in the registration form. The personal information provided in the registration form is to be processed under the conditions laid down in Article 8. The Registration is final only after verification by the Publisher of the accuracy of the information provided by the User. If necessary, the Publisher reserves the right to modify typographical and language errors, modify or supplement the names of fields such as training / academic curriculum and addresses, in order to standardize the data and improve the tool. The Member has, at any time, access to personal information and can make them visible or invisible in the profile in accordance with the personal information Privacy Policy).

6.2 - Comments et Moderations.

Not all contents available and accessible on the Site are open to comments. Comments may be moderated a priori and / or subsequently. However, the Editor reserves the the possibility and the full right, without any advanced justification, not to publish, to moderate, to edit or to delete any of the comments.

Article 7. Article Submissions

7.1 - Publication.

Any Member or Partner has the right to propose a contribution related to the themes and editorial line of the site by sending an email via the contact form, or by mail addressed to the Publisher. Any contribution proposed by a Member or a Partner or requested directly by the Publisher will be validated by the Committee to ensure that the contribution follows the editorial line of the Site and complies with these General Terms of Use. The Publisher will make every effort to publish a proposed contribution as soon as possible, but cannot commit to any specific length of time required for the validation, nor to providing and sending any justifications as to the reasons behind the rejection of any proposed contribution. The Publisher is free to publish or not publish any informational content in accordance with its editorial responsibility.

7.2 - The arrangements for publication.

As a matter of principle, any proposed contribution is submitted free of charge. As a result, once posted on the website the proposed contribution is not entitled to any compensation, a fact which the Member or Partner hereby acknowledges and accepts. So that their contribution can be posted on the Site, the Member or the authorized partner Editor, non-exclusive basis, to represent, reproduce, integrate and communicate to the public all or part of their contribution to the Site, in the Site’s editorial offerings and / or services associated with it, by any means of electronic communication, services or digital media operated by the Publisher. This authorization is granted by the contributor free of charge, for the world and for the entire duration of the legal copyright protection for literary and artistic property from the date of launch of their contribution on the Site. The Publisher undertakes to mention the name of the contributor visibly and in full letters in accordance to the signature charter adopted for all contributions. It is specified that the storage of Contributions involves systematic compression and automatic encoding all or part of the elements of the contribution and that these operations are likely to cause substantial loss of quality. These degradations are inherent to computer processes; the contributor cannot therefore make the Publisher accountable for an infringement of his moral rights. The contributor declares to have accepted these risks and ensures the Publisher against all claims in this regard.

7.3 - Guarantees.

The Member or Partner guarantees to be the holder and / or in possession of all necessary rights and permissions to the dissemination of his contribution. The Member or Partner ensures that their contribution do not include any reproduction and / or reminiscence of a protected intellectual work whatever its nature that may violate the rights of a third party. The Member or Partner ensures that their contribution do not include elements or content contrary to the law and regulations and / or prejudicial to the public order or morality and / or is likely to violate the rights a third party including intellectual property rights, personal rights, personal or confidential data.

7.4 – Exchange of publications.

The Member or Partner acknowledges and agrees that their contributions can be used by any other Member and third party through the features associated to the structure of the Site. The Member or Partner may reference some or all Contributions to facilitate the management of their storage and of their accessibility.

Article 8. Personal data

The Privacy Policy with respect to personal data is handled here.

Article 9. Intellectual Property

The Website, including its overall structure, its architecture, its arborescence, its graphic design, any element of its "front office" and its "back office", are the exclusive property of A.A.L.I.S.G.

Any reproduction, whole or partial representation, any creation of derivative works incorporating the Site, its services or content, any use, any adaptation, any distribution, alteration or distortion of the Site, of its services and of its contents by any means by any process, person or means whatsoever (sales, marketing, leasing, etc..) without the express permission of the Publisher is strictly prohibited and constitutes, principally in itself, an offense of forgery as defined in the Code of intellectual Property.

Only the viewing of the Content drawn from the site onto a single computer screen and the reproduction of such Content onto paper are authorized, and only for the strictly personal, private, non-exclusive and non-commercial use of the User. Unless otherwise stated, any other use of the Content is subject to obtaining the express permission of the Publisher.

Article 10. Hyperlinks

10.1 - Deep hypertext links to third party websites.

The Site may provide deep hyperlinks to websites published by third parties and references to other websites. These links or references do not constitute an endorsement or validation of their content. The Editor can in no way be held responsible for the content of such sites and shall not be liable for any loss or damage arising therefrom. The offering of deep links to other sites are provided to users for convenience only and, as such, creates no obligation of any kind to be borne by the Editor, inasmuch as he has no means of controlling and monitoring of the referenced site nor its developments and updates.

10.2 - Deep Hyperlinks toward

The creation of hypertext links toward the Site is free of rights provided it does not affect the material or moral interests AALISG and does not create confusion about the source of the Services and / or Content.

Article 11. Responsibilities

11.1 – Responsibility of the user.

Users are solely responsible for the use of the features offered by the Site as well as any damage incurred by their computer system or loss of data subsequent to the access and usage of the Site, its Editorial Offers and / or associated Services.

11.2 - Technical responsibility.

The Site and associated Services are available as is with no guarantee of availability and consistency. The Publisher shall not be held responsible for any loss, damage, direct or indirect resulting from the use, modification, suspension, interruption, unavailability of all or part of the Site, its editorial offering and its services. In addition, the Publisher shall, in no event, be liable for issues related to the information including reliable data transmission, transmission security, the access time, the presence of computer viruses on the systems site, even if this list is not exhaustive.

Article 12. Applicable Law

These General Terms of Use are governed by French law. Any controversy, dispute or claim regarding the use of this Site shall be under the jurisdiction of the Cour d’appel de Paris (Court of Appeal of Paris), regardless of the circumstances, be they for multiple defendants or parties, and even for emergency or conservatory procedures, by referral or by request.